photo by Robert Harrington.


















I am a freelance photographer currently residing with my husband and our doggy (Elliot) in Connecticut. In the future, I hope to put my photographic skills to work as a travel writer and photographer. Please take a look at my work from my time living in Russia at: www.lindsaycomer.com

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  1. Amy Bernstein says:


    Jane told me that she mentioned my mother’s 90th b-day party on June 19. Do you think you would be able to come over and photograph for a while some party shots and some group pictures?

    Please say yes!!!!!


  2. Andy Comer says:

    Why no updates since October?
    I like your site & love your name 🙂

    • lecomer says:

      Hi Andy,
      I am preparing to go get my Masters in St. Petersburg, Russia. I leave in two weeks and so I haven’t done much with my photography since October 🙂
      Once I get to Russia, however, I will be posting photos from there frequently!
      Thank you so much – you have an excellent name as well 🙂

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