congratulations Sarah & Pete!

Yesterday I photographed my first wedding since before I left to go to Russia over two years ago, so I thought it was deserving of a blog post. After letting my camera sit for many months post-return home, I was happy to be able to put it to good use and capture the big day of some old college friends (no – they are not old, but it has been a long time since college days).

Sarah & Pete – I congratulate you on your marriage and wish you the very best in your future together! Here is a little peak at some of your images – please enjoy!

P.S. Please excuse the graffiti that may be found on the train tracks….. I did not feel like taking the time to Photoshop it out of the picture!






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2 Responses to congratulations Sarah & Pete!

    • lecomer says:

      glad you like. will try to finish them this week. if you get a chance, shoot me an email or FB message with your current address in Nyack.

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