the hottest of summer days…..

Perhaps a few of you will remember the week following Independence Day weekend?  Here in Connecticut, that was one of the hottest weeks we have seen all summer and the day these photos were taken was the steamiest day of that week – I believe the thermometers finally peaked at around 102 F or 103 F that day!  All that having been said, you will all appreciate the fact that these two children and their mother withstood 2 hours in a park having photos taken – I believe they enjoyed a trip to Rita’s after we finished!

Here’s to the hottest of summer days!

Sometimes when it is bright out, I tell people to close their eyes and wait until I tell them to open them for the photo – it’s always fun to snap a photo while they still have their eyes closed!

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2 Responses to the hottest of summer days…..

  1. Vu says:

    Nice portraits…do you use a prime lens?

    • lecomer says:

      Thank you 🙂 I actually use primarily zoom lenses. I have one 50 mm that I use occasionally, but because I shoot events a lot,
      I prefer the versatility of the zoom lens.

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