Baltimore – an unexpected surprise!

Last week, I was able to hop in the car with my husband and head to Baltimore for less than 24 hours while he worked nearby.  It’s funny, when I think of Baltimore, I automatically think of a city mentioned in a silly musical – because you have to sing about it for anyone to pay attention, right?  I was quite wrong and felt a little foolish when I arrived in Baltimore and was amazed by the stellar architecture, funky culture that exists there, excellent food and local beer….. and I wasn’t even there 24 full hours – I only had the time to walk through about 3 neighborhoods!

Well, I could go on and on about my brief visit to Baltimore, but I will have to visit again before I say any more 🙂  There are 3 recommendations I will make, however….. if you find yourself in Baltimore, you must, must, must go to eat at the Brewer’s Art Restaurant and be sure to order their Artichoke Ravioli with mint pesto sauce – one of my new favorite dishes; seriously, I would make the 4 hour drive just to eat that ravioli!  I would also recommend Langermann’s Restaurant in the Fell’s point neighborhood – their shrimp and grits is excellent (you would think they were a true Southern state) and their local beer on tap is the best I’ve tasted yet!  Noteworthy neighborhoods that I wish to spend more time in?  I would recommend Fell’s Point and Mount Vernon – two of the three I walked through.  Very stunning architecture and cute little European style townhouses.  And of course, if you are new to Baltimore, you should probably walk through the harbor area and visit Federal Hill – just beware of the touristy traps there that could keep you from the rest of the City!

Baltimore, I must say… you were an unexpected surprise!

Sean eating an Astronaut Icecream Sandwich from the Science Center

The last remaining Naval Ship from Pearl Harbor

Hotel Brexton (really nice & inexpensive hotel in Mount Vernon)

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7 Responses to Baltimore – an unexpected surprise!

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! I totally agree. I went there for a long weekend last summer and LOVED it. Great post!

  2. Artswebshow says:

    there are some really excellent shots here

  3. lecomer says:

    Thank you Dennis and Artswebshow 🙂 I really enjoyed my short time in Baltimore and hope to be back there again this summer for a couple extra days – I feel that there is much more to photograph (we just discovered Fells Point neighborhood on our way out of the city). Anyhow, thank you – I appreciate the comments!

  4. Sharon says:

    Great photos. Now I really want to go there. Will take advantage of some of your recommendations! Thanks.

    • lecomer says:

      Thanks Sharon 🙂 I want to go back to Baltimore – maybe we can meet in the middle sometime! If you look for a place to stay, try doing a vacation rental in Fells Point area – I found a few really cute little townhouses that were a little less than a hotel.

  5. hinklej15 says:

    next time you visit I suggest you visiting Bolton Hill. It’s a small neighborhood just north of downtown and you really get the true feel of what neighborhood life in Baltimore is really like. There is a local pool/ park and some of the houses are really beautiful. It’s small, but there is also really good food (the restaurant “B” is incredible).
    The pictures are truly beautiful 🙂

    • lecomer says:

      Thank you for the info.! I definitely remember reading about Bolton Hill and if we had been there longer, I would have been all over the City! I am glad you like my photos and thank you so much for the advice 🙂

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