I recently photographed Sophie and had a great time capturing her!  She is so full of life and has some of the best facial expressions.  The first photo (from top to bottom), is the black and white version of the photo I recently entered into a photo contest and it was the winning image!  I love the color version, but I wanted to share the black and white version so I could post something new.  Stay tuned- when I receive my new camera (which should be sometime within the next 4 to 6 weeks), I will be running a special of some sort so I can get to work with my new camera in celebration!  In the meantime, I am planning some new infant, baby and child portrait packages to offer and will fill everyone in on those details when they are finalized.

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6 Responses to Sophie.

  1. sharon says:

    way too cute! I’ve got to hire you to photograph Kathlyn sometime.

    • lecomer says:

      I would love to photograph (and actually meet) Kathlyn! Let me know when you will be “in town” next (or if I am in NC I will let you know 🙂 and we can make a date! She is incredibly beautiful so photographing her would be easy as pie 🙂

  2. Anderson Silva says:

    So proud of you on the WIN… the picture is awesome! Good job!

    • lecomer says:

      Thank you so much Anderson! I am so excited to receive my camera and I feel so blessed 🙂 I really have to thank Sean for that photo- he’s the one who persuaded Sophie to put the bowl on her head and put her in the “playful” mood! That capture was on accident, but in a good way 🙂

  3. You deserve to win on the said competition. Your talented and i believe that you have a lot to offer. By the way your baby is so cute and very photogenic.

  4. lecomer says:

    Thank you Kimberley 🙂 I appreciate the comments! The baby is actually our friends’ and she is very photogenic! Thank you.

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