Au Revoir! J’aime New Orleans…..

Tornado Brass Band playing at the Preservation Hall, French Quarter, New Orleans

Six Days, six nights, and it is now time to say au revoir to New Orleans.  It is a bittersweet farewell, as the writing experience and imagery of this captivating city has brought back such sweet memories to me.  Let me then end on another good note, beginning with the Preservation Hall.  Our final night in New Orleans was Thanksgiving night.  Sean had wanted to see a live brass band play while we were in this city of music and on our final night in NOLA, we had the opportunity to go to the Preservation Hall and see Tornado Brass Band.  It was surreal, to say the least.  We waited in line for this small historic venue for over 30 minutes, watching the tourists and residents roaming the streets of Saint Peter, celebrating our country’s day of thanks!  People from all over the world waited in line with us.  We were finally admitted and when the Tornado Brass Band took the “stage”, they were gladly welcomed!  For an hour, we- the entire audience- sat and stood, packed like sardines, listening to the soulful sound of the human heart being relayed to us by the melody of the human voice as it sang from the depths of the soul.  The lungs and ligaments of every band member put forth their best effort to sooth the brass metal so it could release that breath in the form of a beautiful story.  During that time, we all had something in common- we were all reminded of the joy of music and the suffering of the human soul.  We were no longer Americans, Europeans and Asians- men, women and children- but individuals who were able to understand that we all have so much in common in relating to each other through the gift of song.  If you find yourself in New Orleans, please do yourself a favor and take the time to visit one of New Orleans many music venues; it is as worthwhile as any other historic aspect of New Orleans you might take the time of day to explore, and it is one of the many “heart and soul” experiences of this stellar southern city!

Above Ground Cemeteries in New Orleans

Another note-worthy daytime visit to make while in NOLA- the cemeteries of course!  We visited and roamed through two cemeteries in New Orleans, one across from The Commander’s Palace Restaurant in the Garden District and the other bordering the French Quarter- it is such a unique experience in that the grave sites are all above ground tomb-like structures.  We’ve seen similar graveyards in Key West and Mexico- both in areas subject to severe flooding.  You can walk into them on your own during the daylight hours or pay to take one of the horse-drawn carriage tours in the French Quarter that stops by one of the cemeteries along its course.

The Longue Vue House, New Orleans, Louisiana

Last but not least, the Longue Vue House and Gardens- this can be a short or long day-trip, depending on how long you take to roam through the gardens and if you want to pay for the house tour.  The estate was greatly devastated by hurricane Katrina, but after years of hard work, the house and grounds have been restored and are incredible to behold!  Being a photographer, I couldn’t help but think to myself what a great wedding venue Longue Vue would be- it was no surprise to me to find out that the grounds are available for such purposes!

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  1. wedding venue beside the beach is i think the best and looks very romantic ;-“

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