Snippets of New Orleans, Louisiana

While reviewing my photos of New Orleans, I realized how much I want to share via photographs.  Sean and I were there for six days and as the days progressed, we felt we could stay there even longer and still find new treasures.  It is quite easy to spend hours walking through the French Quarter and Garden District, finding new adorable little houses and shops, trying new restaurants and just enjoying the atmosphere of this soulful little city.  It doesn’t take much to become smitten with N’awlins!

Images of the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter of New Orleans is quite charming- it gives one a sense of the earlier history of this country.  The houses are decorated with vibrant colors, tall windows and long shutters (shutters with an actual purpose).  There are gas lamps everywhere, most of which remain aglow throughout the daytime hours.  Funky little tourist shops line the streets in all directions- they are filled with anything from cheap souvenirs to fine art, hand made crafts, New Orleans delicacies, and even an occasional kitty cat (Note: cat not for sale!)  At the heart of the French Quarter is Jackson Square; the square is lined with local artists selling their original artwork, street vendors and performers, horse-drawn carriages, and towering above them all quite majestically stands St. Louis Cathedral.  Although the French Quarter is a bit “touristy” in comparison to the Garden District and other areas of the City, there is a reason for it- it boasts beautiful architecture, a unique ambiance and it is full of exquisite food, art and live music!

Images from the Garden District, New Orleans, Louisiana

In the Garden District of New Orleans, there are two streets that are worth taking the time to walk from one end to the other.  St. Charles Avenue runs from Uptown, through the Garden District and down into the French Quarter.  If you do not want to walk, you are in luck- the street cars run along St. Charles and can take you for the ride.  Closer to the Uptown area of NOLA, and along the edge of the Garden District, you will see some of the most incredible homes lining St. Charles.  I remember my jaw dropping as we drove by and there was just one fantastic estate after another!  If you turn off of St. Charles and head south into the Garden district, the houses are much more adorable with their grand little porches, pillars and floor to ceiling windows, gas lamps always glowing!  For me, it was the quintessential vision of what I had imagined New Orleans to be like.  Walk further south into the Garden District and you will eventually come to Magazine Street.  Head west on Magazine street and you will walk by some stellar little boutiques and second hand shops- not to mention a number of little cafes and restaurants.  I love window shopping (it’s about the most I can afford), so it was a pleasure for me to just walk past the windows and see the character of New Orleans unfold with each and every step.  Sean and I traipsed through the Garden District our first full day in NOLA and it was at this point that I remember telling Sean I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to go home!

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2 Responses to Snippets of New Orleans, Louisiana

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  2. rdvernon says:

    Enjoyed your pictures of New Orleans. Thanks for posting. Remember New Orleans does not have trolleys. Ask for a trolley and you may get a puzzled look. They are always Streetcars. Did you learn about the “neutral ground?”

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