Nothing tastes better than New Orleans Food, cont…..

Cafe Du Monde, French Quarter, New Orleans

I would now like to continue the previous food post with two other notable eateries worthy of stopping by to taste of their delights.  The first place is quite a landmark in New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde.  Located in the heart of French Quarter on Decatur Street and the corner of Jackson Square, one has a difficult time passing by this indoor/outdoor cafe without stopping to notice its popularity.  At any point in the day, Cafe Du Monde is crowded with both locals and tourists alike.  Reason being?  To indulge in their delicious New Orleans coffee (made with chicory) and Beignets, of course!  For about $5 per person, one can get a cup of coffee and 3 large Beignets!  Or, if you would like to do as my husband and I did, order a cup of coffee each and share an order of Beignets (they are definitely large enough for two to share).  For those who are not familiar with Beignets, they are simply fried pieces of dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and they are delicious!  What tickled me most about Cafe Du Monde was the abundant amount of powdered sugar that decorated the tables, chairs and floors of the cafe- it was literally, everywhere (see photo above)!  If you find yourself feeling faint after walking around all day in the French Quarter, you may want to stop by Cafe Du Monde and have a Beignet or two and be sure to accompany it with their famous chicory coffee- it will give you a strong “pick-me-up”!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Cuvee Restaurant, New Orleans

My final food for thought is Thanksgiving dinner in New Orleans- but feel free to try this upscale restaurant any time of year!  Cuvee restaurant was recommended to us by the owner of Cafe Atchafalaya in the Garden District- the owner of Atchafalaya was gracious enough to call Cuvee and make our Thanksgiving reservations for us (Cafe Atchafalaya would be closed on Thanksgiving day).  We are very grateful for his recommendation- Cuvee was an incredible experience!  Not only did we feel like a King and Queen as we sat down at the table amongst the other patrons, but our server was one of the best we have ever been served by.  What did we eat?  Sean had the “traditional” turkey dinner (pictured above), I chose the Flounder Almondine, and we both had one of their delicate Sazeracs to sip as we enjoyed our appetizers (note the salad picture from the previous entry).  Have you ever eaten gourmet food at a stellar restaurant and just sat there thinking to yourself, “I really enjoy good food!”  That was our conclusion.  No thanksgiving dinner- up until this point in my life- will ever replace this unique experience of incredible service, food and atmosphere.  For that one day, I felt like royalty and I ate like royalty too!

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